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Time to Vote! Dream a Little Dream

Time to Vote! The challenge theme this time around was "Dream a Little Dream". Along with photos of the pieces submitted, artists also submitted a brief explanation of their inspiration this time around. As usual, there will only be one vote recorded per computer..... and it's going to be as hard as ever to decide which piece to vote for! Voting ends on the morning of March 8th, and results will be posted here that afternoon. An early congratulations to all the artists that participated. Every piece is stunning!

Challenge Piece 1

- member withdrew-

Challenge Piece 2
Follow your Dreams, by Twin Brooks Mosaics

Challenge Piece 3
"The Selfish Giant", by Amanda Edwards, Mandolin Mosaics
I have loved Oscar Wilde since I first read one of his stories at 13. He has a very special place in my heart. It's not uncommon for me to be caught in a daydream, and be thinking of Oscar, one of his stories, what it would be like to sit and talk to him. The Selfish Giant, written for children, is one of my favorite Oscar stories. So, for this challenge, I have done this piece.... inspired by The Selfish Giant, to honor Mr. Oscar Wilde... a man who has given me endless hours of dreaming. Measures 27"x31"
Read (for free) The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde

Challenge Piece 4
Dream, By PalsCreations

Challenge Piece 5"Toscana Sogno" by PSMosaics
The perspective aspects of this piece were challenging as I hoped to create a 'real' feeling of looking out the window at the 'dreamy' Tuscan landscape! The overall dimensions are 34" by 28". My inspiration for the composition of "Tuscan Dream" came from a landscape print by artist, Jane Farrimond Keltner.

Challenge Piece 6
"Karma Chameleons", by Greene Goddess
I dream of a world where people don't promise change~ and then only do so when it "fits" them and their motives. They are the " Karma Chameleons" of the World...

"I'm a Man Without Conviction.
I'm a Man Who Doesn't Know
How To Sell A Contradiction...
You Come And Go~
You Come and Go"
(Culture Club)

Challenge Piece 7
"Little Girl's Dreams", by Callas Mosaics