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Holidays, from the PieceMakers!

Black & White Challenge Winner!

The results are in... and I must say that it was SUCH a close race right from the start! We got in 186 votes... so thank you to EVERYONE (the participants & all the voters) for making this such a successful challenge! After a week of voting, the over-all favorite piece is Gentle Soul, by Mycentir Mosaics!

"Gentle Soul"

Congratulations Mycentir Mosaics! It's a beautiful piece. Everyone should know that this, and many of the other challenge pieces, are FOR SALE! To read more about this piece, click here. To see more about any of the other challenge pieces, or to contact the artists, just click the artist's name under the piece.

Second Place Over-all Favorite piece was Pal's Creations' amazing vase!

Third Place Over-all Favorite piece was the beautiful "Night Vigil" by Renegade Rose!

A BIG Thank You to Tiny Tiles Mosaics, who is donating a gift certificate to the winner of this challenge! If you've never used Tiny Tiles before, please head over and check out their website... they produce the smallest ceramic tiles in the world! There is a VERY cool gallery to look through, which includes work by our very own Betsy Greene (of Greene Girls Studio)!

Again, thank you to everyone who made this, and all of our other challenges, a success! Every participant should be VERY proud of their pieces... they're all beautiful & inspirational.

We'll see you at the next challenge voting, the beginning of February 2012!

Black & White Challenge!

Welcome to the Piece Maker Black and White Challenge! There are a whole lot of entries, so make sure you scroll down slowly. :) You can click on the artist's name (or shop name) under each entry to see more of the artist's work, or to contact them for more information about their entry. After taking a look at all the entries, please don't forget to vote for your favorite one! Voting will end one week from today. The artist with the over-all favorite piece will receive a gift certificate from Tiny Tiles Mosaics.

Have fun looking, and congrats to all the artists!! The entries are all amazing!!

Entry 1.

Entry 2.
"Gentle Soul"
Mycentir Mosaics

Entry 3.

ZZ Bob's

Entry 4.

Entry 5.
"Joint Account"

Entry 6.

Entry 7.

Entry 8.

Entry 9.

Entry 10.
"Night Vigil"

Black and White Challenge

Please vote for your overall favorite piece.

Entry 1. Pal's Creations
Entry 2. Mycentir Mosaics
Entry 3. ZZ Bob's
Entry 4. Beaded Glass
Entry 5. Waschbear Designs
Entry 6. Rayna Clark Mosaics
Entry 7. Glass Art Studio
Entry 8. Ocean Kisses
Entry 9. Tribou Mosaics
Entry 10. Renegade Rose Creations

The name of the surfboard is....

...Surfing the Deep

Thanks to all who voted!!!! :)

PieceMaker Surfboard Bench, ready to Donate!

The board is DONE! This is the finished PieceMaker Surfboard collaboration Mosaic, to be turned into a bench & auctioned off to local business' in Portsmouth NH. Money raised will be donated, and help to keep New Hampshire Beaches clean! It was so much fun to organize the collaboration, see all the cool creatures appearing in my mailbox, and getting to create the background! Here is a list of all the PieceMakers who donated their work to this awesome piece!

Organizer, Designer, and background mosaic: Amanda Edwards
Turtle: Betsy Greene
Yellow fish, and Aqua Fish: Pal's Creations
Mermaid: Waschbear Designs
Dolphin & Clam: Renegade Rose
Orange & Yellow Seahorse: Twin Brooks Mosaics
Brown Fish & seaweed plant: Callas Mosaics
Octopus: Flowering Moon Mosaics
Orange Seahorse cruising around the rocks: Flying Kumquat Studio
Hermit Crabs: Beaded Glass Mosaics
Jellyfish: Tribou Mosaics
Clown Fish: Lotus Mosaics
Yellow & Purple Fish, and assorted wonderful sea-life "filler" critters: Tina's Mosaics

Now, for some fun! NAME THE BOARD! The vote will only be up for the next 24 hours, so choose your favorite name today! ... and tell all your friends! :)

Name That Surfboard!

Choose your favorite name!

Maritime Mementos
Rainbow Wave
Treasures of the Sea
The Party Below
Pieceful Ocean
Rainbow Wave
Surfing the Deep

Surf Board Project... ready for grout!

The PieceMaker Surfboard Bench is ready to be grouted! I was going to grout it this past week, but there was only so much that I could get done in a day, so it had to be postponed.

I'm eager to grout it now though... can't wait to see it all come together!

There will only be 3 grout colors on this piece: black for the water, gray for the rocks, and I'm still totally undecided about what color to grout the creatures.

I will touch base with the PieceMakers this morning, and see what they think.

To read more about the surfboard project, click here.