Welcome to our little World,
where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

Christmas Gifts Under $50!

Yes... you heard me right! You can buy amazing, cool, one of kind art work for less than $50! Art makes WONDERFUL holiday gifts... so get some coffee, pull up a chair, and do some early Christmas Shopping! Just click on the artist's name to see more photos of the piece you're interested in.

Mosaic Pendant, $30
Flowering Moon

Sailboat Jewelry Chest, $18
Tribou Mosaics

Red Drop Earrings, $26
Amanda Edwards

Fly Away Birdie, $38
Flowering Moon

Tree of Life Jewelry Box, $28
Tribou Mosaics

Fly Me to the Moon Mosaic Heart Wall Hanging, $45
Amanda Edwards

Wall Vase, $45
Flowering Moon

Silver Mosaic Frame, $30
Tribou Mosaics

Rainbow Pendant Necklace, $35
Amanda Edwards

Mosaic Stone, $20
Flowing Moon

Sunset Sailing Jewelry Box, $28
Tribou Mosaics

Abstract Buoy Musical Jewelry Box, $22
Tribou Mosaics

Personalized Art Gifts for the Holidays!!!!

Yes... it's getting to be that time of year again! Time to gear up for the holidays! Quite a few of the PieceMaker artists accept commissions & create wonderful custom pieces for clients. There's something wonderful about giving a custom, one of a kind gift... and you can do this AND support independent artists at the same time! What a win-win! :) Here are some of the wonderful artists creating custom work this holiday season. Order soon, and you'll be guaranteed delivery by Christmas!

Flowering Moon makes these beautiful mirrors, and will customize colors & wording for you. Click here to see her etsy shop, and to send her any questions regarding orders.

Beaded Glass makes these cool, colorful mosaiced name or address sign / plaques. They can adorn your house, hang from a post in your yard or at the end of your driveway. Click here to find out about pricing & to ask her any questions you might have!

PieceMaker artist, Amanda Edwards, creates custom large stained glass mosaic windows out of antique Maine farmhouse windows. Visit her website to contact her regarding these cool custom pieces.

Autumn Art!!

What a beautiful time of year it is... the trees are changing color, leaves are starting to fall & crunch under foot when you take a walk, Halloween decorations are appearing, recipe books are coming down off the shelf as people start preparing their Thanksgiving menus, and children are all abuzz with plans for trick-or-treating. Artists everywhere are inspired by these things, and PieceMakers are no exception! Here is just some of the wonderful Autumn-inspired artwork (some for sale!) by PieceMaker members. Just click on the artist's name to find out more about the piece or the artist.

Leaf Table, by Flowering Moon

Autumn Tree, by Amanda Edwards

Autumn Light Switch Cover, by Amanda Edwards

Autumn Leaves Welcome Sign, by Flying Kumquat Studios

Leaf, by Renegade Rose

...and the Winner is....

Butterfly Birdbath
by Pal's Creations

It's such a wonderful piece. The irridecent glass shimmers & glows, the design is wonderful, and will bring so much joy to the outdoor space that it finds it's home in. Congratulations!!! Pal's Creations will be receiving a gift certificate from Tiny Tiles Mosaics.

Everyone who entered this challenge should know that throughout the week, the votes were all VERY close! At times, there were only a couple of votes separating every entry! Every piece entered was just wonderful... so every member deserves a congratulations on creating marvelous entries!

Second Place
Fin, by ZZBob

Third Place
Gezabelle by Beaded Glass

Our next challenge theme has been announced, and is "Black & White". Quite a few PieceMakers are already busy creating a piece to be entered, so come back on December 1st to vote on your favorite!

Outdoor Mosaic Challenge. VOTING TIME!

What a great time of year it was to be working on an outdoor mosaic! This challenge was a lot of fun, and everyone's pieces show that. :)

Voting will be open for one week. The winners will be announced here next Sunday.

Thank you to Tiny Tile Mosaics, who will be giving the winner a gift certificate to their wonderful shop!

If you would like to contact any of these artists, or see more of their work, just click on their name, and you'll be taken right over to their etsy shop.

Outdoor Mosaic Challenge Entries

Flower Bird Bath
by Tina's Mosaics



Gus, the Garden Guardian - Who says this is a TOAD stool?
by Lori Frank

House Number Sign

Butterfly Birdbath
by Pal's Creations

If you are a mosaic supply shop, and would like to sponsor one of our challenges by donating a gift certificate to the winner, please contact me at aledwards@gmail.com.

Now for the hard part- VOTING!

Outdoor Mosaics Challenge!

Please vote for your overall favorite piece.

1. Flower Bird Bath by Tina's Mosaics
2. Pollyby Lotus Mosaics
3. Fin by ZzBob
4. Gezabelle by Beaded Glass
5. Gus, the Garden Guardian - Who says this is a TOAD stool? by Lori Frank
6. House Number Sign by Amanda Edwards
7. Butterfly Birdbath by Pal's Creations