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We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

Surfboard Update!

The final addition to the PieceMaker Surfboard Project came last week, and I can't believe I'm just now posting it! It's a BEAUTIFUL turtle from Betsy Greene!

The board is coming along. It had to be put on the sidelines for a week or so, but today more of the background appeared. Over the next couple of weeks, a photographer from the Portsmouth Seacoast Project will be coming up to my studio to photograph the board in it's "work in progress" state. Photo's will appear on their blog. When it's up, I'll be sure to post a link!

The addition of a PieceMaker tile (purchased from Mosaic Monkey) also happened today! - and yes... it's right in the middle of the board. - and I think it looks pretty awesome there.

Come back to the blog in a couple of days to vote in the PieceMakers most current mosaic challenge, "Outdoor Mosaics". Voting starts here on October 1st!

Meet PieceMaker Member Mycentir Mosaics

Meet new PieceMaker member, Melissa, owner of Mycentir Mosaics on Etsy!

How did you come up with your Etsy Shop name?

My real name is Melissa K. McIntyre. My shop's name is Mycentir Mosaics and I came up with the idea for the shop name by scrambling the letters of my last name.

How long have you been creating mosaics? .. and what was your first mosaic?

I just started creating mosaics this year. A sunflower garden stone.

What other art do you do, if any?
I paint and draw.

What kind of shows have you been a part of?
I haven't yet but I do hope too be soon.

What would be your dream mosaic project?

My dream mosaic would be too do all of the backsplash in my kitchen a underwater sea mural.
Is being an artist your full time job?

I wish that being a full time artist was my job. That's my dream job. However, currently I am a student, server, and do room service for a hotel.

Tell us about your family!

I come from a large family of seven kids from a small town in Indiana. When I grew up we didn't have a lot of money and we recycled lots of items. That's made a huge impact on my art. As a result I reuse a lot of materials and love to go "junk" treasure hunting.

What are some of your favorite things about being part of the PieceMaker group?

How nice everyone is. Everyone gives advice, and is always laughing and having a good time. You can be having the worst day and these people are so positive and funny that it makes your day. I love the tips that can help you in other projects you do too.

More of Melissa's work can be seen in her etsy shop! Click any of the items below to head over!

Surfboard coming to Life

Creatures have started to appear on the surfboard now! There are a lot of rocks, seaweed, coral, and water to be put into the background, as well as one more creature that I'm waiting for...but it's all finally coming together! Everyone's donations are incredible, and it's a pleasure to be putting it together. More updates to come! Read below to see how it's all been unfolding, and to see which PieceMakers sent in donations!

Stribou Mosaics Award Winning Piece!

Congratulations to PieceMaker member Stribou Mosaics for winning the blue ribbon at the Maine Lobster Festival. It's so deserved... LOVE the design & theme of this piece! Such a creative idea!


To see more of her mosaics, please head over to her Etsy shop here.

Suncatcher Swap!

The PieceMakers had a suncatcher swap over the summer! Everyone got the name of another member who was participating, and off to work we went! :) Here are the wonderful creations inspired by the swap. Please click on the names of the artists to head over to their etsy shops and see more cool pieces!

Flowering Moon

Time to Start Putting them on the Board!

Only waiting for one more creature for the surfboard, so it's time for me to start putting them on the board! These amazing fish came from Pal's Creations just a few days ago. Aren't they cool?!?!?
To read more about the Surfboard Project, go here.

More Surfboard Art has Arrived!

The last pieces are now due to come in, so the surfboard can almost officially be put together! This week, these wonderful pieces arrived to find a place on the board. :)

by Renegade Rose

To read more about the Surfboard Project, go here.

... and they keep on coming...

Yesterday, I was greeted by this beautiful seahorse at the post office. He was created by Twin Brooks Mosaics.

Next week, I'll start putting them on the board! From the looks of it, it's going to be quite a magical underwater scene!