Welcome to our little World,
where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

Piece Makers 1st Challenge is Underway

The Piece Makers Mosaic Artist are working on a Mosaic Challenge.
the theme "Winged creature". Let your imagination soar.

What is a mosaic Challenge you might ask?

1st you need a theme. ours for Jan-Feb is "Winged Creature"

2nd you create a Mosaic piece with that theme in mind.
It can be on any substrate(surface).
The only rules are that you take photo's of the WIP(work in progress), and
that it is started and completed in the time frame.

A challenge is a great way to stay focused on a theme and to help you
create things you may have not done before.

Some times we may vote on the most creative idea, best overall and other
catargories. This time around we are just leaving the challenge as that.

In the future will will add prizes and awards.

If you would like to join us in the challenge. feel free to submit a comment below
and we will include you.

Have fun and come on back and see our progress.

Piece Makers Mosaic Artist Random Giveaway...

And the winner is.....

Congradulations to Kims Custom Caps, The winner of our mosaic starter kit.
I can't wait to see what she makes with all her goodies. On Behalf of all the Piecemakers Mosaic Artist...I would like to thank everyone who commented on
our blog and who visits us frequently. Because of the wonderful group of artists we are enjoying being creative and working together. We really are who we say we are....
Piece makers.....changing the world on piece at a time.

Congratulations to Our Winner of the Challenge Contest as well.
Mandi will be announcing that shortly.

As Far as the Challenges go. Our first one is officially under way.
We will be doing the bi monthly so there will be no
pressure and it will keep us all active with the
group. the challenges will begin the first of the month with the exception of this month.
so Jaunuary, March, May, July , September and November are the begining of
each challenge.
They will end the last day of February, April, June, August, October, and December.
any questions feel free to contact any one of us or leave a comment and we
will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.

Again Congratulations to both our winners.

....and the Winners are....

The votes are in! Our first Mosaic Challenge will be to create a Winged Creature! Congratulations to Sue, of Oak Studios of Design!!!! You've won the mosaic dog leash holder from Mandolin Mosaics! Everyone had fantastic ideas... thank you for all the thought you put into each idea!

CONGRATULATIONS to both the winners!!!!! Thank you to ALL who participated in our first give away! There will be many more to come, so check back here often!


Time is running out.....vote vote vote...

Okay my Piece Maker Mosaic friends.
we only have a few hours left to vote on the Challenge kickoff.
the winner will get Mandolin2's amazing mosaic....

The Drawing for the starter mosaic kit will take place tomorrow.
With the help of my in house Artist son Sammy. We will document
the drawing for the blog. All the names of any who have left
a comment on the blog up to this point will be entered. And if
you commented more than once, we will add your name for each comment
made. That will make it more fun and.....the winner will be announced
for both Prizes tomorrow 1-08-09.

Vote now through January 7th!!!! Woo-hoo!

One vote per person, and results will be announced on the 7th. So many great ideas! Good luck everyone!