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where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

New Work and a New Challenge

Spring is almost over, and the PieceMakers have been hard at work in their studios, creating all kinds of wonderful work inspired by the warmer weather. Click on the Artist's name to head over to their shops and see more of their inspiring work.

Two Fish, by KevanGirl

Mosaic Plant Cradle, by Ocean Kisses

Turtle Blues Mosaic Wall Art, by GreeneGoddess

Summertime Mosaic, by CallasMosaics

Blue Mosaic Welcome Sign, by TwinBrooks

Mosaic Tea Pot China Flower Pot, by Pal's Creations

The Beach, by MJMosaics

... and one of our PieceMakers selling LOTS of wonderful hand cut mosaic tiles...

Sakura Butterfly Mosaic Tiles, by Kim's Custom Caps

Challenge Announcements

Once again, congratulations to the winners of our past mosaic challenge, and to everyone who participated. Our next (and current) challenge theme is MUSIC. It's open to your interpretation, any size, any shape, etc. The due date for your final photos and your Work-in-Progress photos is June 30th (by midnight). Please send photos to Amanda Edwards here.

Tiny Tile Mosaics is donating a gift certificate to the winner of the Music challenge! - so get your nippers sharpened, and start cutting! Check out the Tiny Tile shop & start planning your spending spree.

The Votes are in!

It was a CLOSE vote throughout the week! What a wonderful challenge this was.. each piece submitted was inspirational & just beautiful. Congrats to everyone who submitted a piece... all of the PieceMakers are amazingly talented artists.

Coming in First Place, Over-all Favorite piece.....
"Flowerful Springs and Flying Things" Mosaic Table, by PS Mosaics

... and a VERY close second place goes to.....
Spring Flowers, by Pals Creations

Congratulations to the winners of our Heavenly Spring Challenge! Both of the pieces are stunning works of art!

Our very own Ocean Kisses shop is donating this amazing piece of stained glass art for our first-place winner prize. Please go check out her shop to see some more of her beautiful work!!
Thank you for donating this wonderful 1st place prize piece Ocean Kisses!

Heavenly Spring Challenge... VOTE VOTE VOTE!

It's that time once again..... time to vote on your over-all favorite piece in yet another PieceMaker Mosaic Challenge. :) - and it's going to be as hard as ever to choose just one! Our theme for this challenge was Heavenly Spring......

1. Welcome Sign, by Twin Brooks

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2. Blooming Spring Tree, by Amanda Edwards (Mandolin Mosaics)
This piece was made to celebrate the coming of Spring. The tree branch was built by myself using clay, then attached to the mosaic, and covered in glass to become part of the piece. I hand painted the vintage frame, and the bird sitting on the tree branch is a delicate porcelain piece. Stained glass, tile, clay, millifiori. Measures 19" x 28".

3. Circle of Love, by Kim's Custom Caps
In this little piece, I used lots of bright colors and retro flowered patterns. I wanted it to be cheerful and positive, just like Springtime makes me feel!

4. "Flowerful Springs and Flying Things" Mosaic Table, by PS Mosaics

5. Spring Flowers, by Pals Creations

6. Only God Can Make a Tree, by GreeneGoddess

A tribute to my mom's favorite poem...

Please Vote for your over-all favorite piece. There will be only one vote per computer. Come back on Saturday, May 8th to see the results of the vote! Good luck to everyone who entered a piece. They're all wonderful!