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A big congratulations to the winners of the PieceMaker Summer Evening Challenge!

First Place, Over-all Favorite Piece

Summer Vase by Pal's Creations

Thank you to Tiny Tile Mosaics for donating a gift certificate to the winner of the Summer Evening Challenge!

Second Place
Summer Afternoon Tea Pot
by Callas Mosaics

Thank you to everyone who participated, submitted a piece, and to all those who voted!

Our next challenge theme will be Mandalas....so check back here on November 1st to see all the entries, and cast your vote once again. :)

Summer Afternoon Challenge VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Hello once again! It's time to vote in our Summer Afternoon Mosaic Challenge! The pieces are all wonderful... and stir up so many great memories of summers past and present. Please check out the shops of these creative artists... there are many treasures to be found in each! :)

Happy Voting!

1. Summer Vase
Pal's Creations

The pieces in this water pitcher are a combination of old china, and my first everyday kitchen set that I had in 1968! The purple focal is from a ceramic flower pot that my mom made when I used to teach ceramics. The flower pot broke, and I didn't want to throw it away,so now I still have portions of my mom's ceramic flower pot to cherish once again.

2. Soleil Pendant
by Kim's Custom Caps

3. Summer Afternoon Tea Pot
Callas Mosaics

"When I was little, I dreamed of small imaginary beings. Back in my day we didn't have much for television...let alone computers. We made up things. There was a woods behind our house that we would explore. I remember this huge tree. It was a perfect climbing tree. I'm sure our mother would have had a heart attack, if she known we climbed that high. We would go way up to the top, so we could see the ground, all around us. We played for hours, in great expectation, that one summer afternoon, we would find where the imaginary beings lived. Well, we never found any. Through my mosaics, I'm able to recreate some of those thoughts and ideas I had as a small child. After all...isn't it some of those dreams and ideas that keep us young?"

4. Love on a Summer Afternoon, Pendant & Ring
Amanda Edwards

So many people plan their weddings for summer afternoons... the flowers are all out, weather is wonderful, traveling is easy for guests. For the PieceMaker's Summer Afternoon mosaic challenge, I created this pendant & ring set... celebrating the (slowly but surely) changing times... where 2 people, gay or not, can be married, according to law, and celebrate their love with family and friends, any summer afternoon they choose. :)