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Mosaics Anonymous Winners and Who Did It Names

I am excited to announce the winners of the Mosaics Anonymous Challenge and also let everyone know the artist's names for each of the entries! All of the pieces are marvelous and in my book each one of you are WINNERS! Here are the official winners:

                                        First Place: #2 entry
                                  Melissa of mycentirmosaics

Second Place : #4 entry

Third Place: #7 entry
Frances of  waschbear

Congratulations Ladies!!!

Artist's names for the remaining entries: 
(click on their shop names to be taken right to their shops!)

#1 Pam of zzbob's

#3 Patti of oceankisses

#5 Tina of  TinasMosaics

#6 Lori of RenegadeRose

#8 Inez of mimosaico

#9 Sandy of glassrootssaskatoon

#10 Alice of MedallionHouse

Mosaics Anonymous - Vote for your Favorite!

The PieceMakers, each of us having our own distinct style, were asked to think outside the box and create a mosaic piece in a different style than what we were accustomed to doing. The attempts caused some grief, but I think, as you look over their entries, that you will agree that their pieces turned out fantastically! Many commented that in doing this it gave them a greater appreciation for the different styles of mosaic. We left the artists anonymous so that you, the viewers, could vote for your favorite without any preconceived thoughts as to the actual style of the individual artist.