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Doodle Challenge Winners!

Once again,  a BIG congratulations to everyone who participated in the Doodle Challenge! Each piece got lots of votes... and the winners were all VERY close! 

Also, thank you to Tiny Tiles Mosaic for giving our winner a gift certificate to their amazing shop. If you haven't checked it out, please do! 


First Place Winner
“When Colors Collide”

Second Place Winner
"Doodles are Fun!"

Third Place Winner 
"A Formal Affair"

Doodle Challenge

Welcome to our newest, most difficult to vote for, challenge yet! It's the Piece Maker Doodle Challenge. The pieces you see here all came about different ways... some artists sat and doodled and drew their inspiration right from that, some used doodles family had done, some mosaiced their good old doodle standbys.  

Have fun looking through this very fun collection of art! You can click on the artist's name to see more of their work, or to contact them about the pieces you see here. 

As always, a BIG thank you to Tiny Tiles, for giving the winner of this challenge a gift certificate to their amazing shop! Head over to the Tiny Tiles store by clicking the photo below, to check out an amazing variety of the smallest tiles in the world! Good luck to all the entries!


Entry 1
"The Sunshine in my Mind"

Picture frame with an opening for a 5x7 photo. 
There's also a hook on the back for hanging, if so desired. 

"I doodle stars a LOT, so it was natural for me to place them somewhere in my piece! They are accented with red borders and little mirror flecks at each of the points. I also do a lot of swirls and flowers when I doodle, so I added a bunch of green "stems" growing out of the bottom of the piece, surrounded by blue with a few flowers popping out in different areas. And of course, you can't have plants without sunshine! Sunshine also ends up in my doodles a lot, so I placed that between the stars above and the green below, with bits of the sunlight peeking through the bottom. Since purple is my favorite color and I do a lot of dash-dot borders, I had to put it around the photo to add just a bit more of myself. :)"


Entry 2
"Summer Walk"

Size: 12" H X 6 1/2" W


Entry 3
"Swirled Hooks"

"My inspiration for my doodle project started while drawing with my 4year old.
It measures 37.5 cm x 9 cm, is a mixture of blues, greens, and mirrored glass on a recycled timber base, in a pattern of spirals, swirl, arches, dots and lines. This is how I doodle. Some glass was laid on its side to give varied heights. Available for sale in my etsy store!"


Entry 4


Entry 5
"Doodles are Fun!"

Size 27" x 11"

"Inspiration for my piece was a random doodle on the corner of a list of plates I was using for a table. Materials used: Up-cycled kitchen cabinet door, tumbled plate shards, ball chain, beads, and pop offs from Terri, my glass blower friend's trash stash."


Entry 6

Measures 12" x  9"


Entry 7
"A Formal Affair"

"My doodles consisted of swirling lines on an 8" Styrofoam ball. I glued on bling-bling pendants and then glued faux pearl beads on the doodle lines. A little more bling was added with small crystal charms and then all of the rest was filled in with black stained glass and grouted in black. The pillar that it was adhered to is a re-purposed candle holder with clear hanging pendants. To give it some shine I clear coated the ball with spar urethane. Completed piece measures approximately 20" tall. I entitled the piece "A Formal Affair" because it made me think of a woman dressing up in a black dress and putting on the pearls and bling to go out to "A Formal Affair"!"


Entry 8
"The Phoenix Rises"

Rising Phoenix measures 11" x 15"
The inspiration for this Doodle Mosaic was from a drawing my artist daughter Keri drew. The materials used are stained glass, mirror glass, china, and beads.


Entry 9
“When Colors Collide”

Measures 26" x 22"