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Small, Cool Gifts!

$15.99 IBreak4Glass

We all have people that we need to buy a little something for. Maybe it's a teacher, a neighbor, or someone you know you'll bump into over the holidays. Just because it's a small gift doesn't mean it can't be a really cool one! Give one of a kind art this year! - you're supporting an artist & giving a one of a kind, thoughtful present. :)

$30, Cocoplum Mosaics * $26, Rock Candy mosaics

$22 Mandolin Mosaics * $20 Greene Girls Studio

$14 Blue Moose ** $40 Kim's Custom Caps

$31.95 Broken4Art ** $30 Twin Brooks


kb said...

How about a pair of towel-bar posts, that will fit a standard cheap white plastic bar, so the buyers could get whatever length of rod they want?

Maybe some accessories to match; TP holder, hooks, towel-ring, soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc…

Ooooo… toilet seat cover…

Carol/CMK Sculputures said...

Lots of great mosaic art!
way to go girls.