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The Votes are in!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took part in our first PieceMaker Mosaic Challenge! All the submission were beautiful.... it sure made voting tough! Everyone who participates in a challenge like this is a winner. Just finishing a piece in time to submit it is reason for an award! :)

Now... drum roll please!

Our first place over-all favorite, and winner of the mosaic challenge, with 24% of the vote, is Amanda Edwards' (of Mandolin Mosaics) Winged Lion!

Amanda designed this gorgeous winged creature for our first challenge, and what a regal beauty he is! His majesty stands out against the colorfully designed background, while proudly displaying his mane. Amanda, you are an amazing mosaic artist, and you truly inspire the rest of the PieceMakers team! Congratulations on a well-deserved win!

Coming in second, with 15% of the vote, is
Winged Creature House, by Callas Mosaics!

Our 3rd place winner, with 13% of the vote, is
"Pieceful" Ms. Lady Bug, by Broken4Art!

Our next category was "Best Executed Piece".

For "Best Executed Piece" the winners are.....

Coming in first place, with 34% of the vote, once again is
Mandolin Mosaics' Winged Lion!

We had a three way tie for second place in this category! So, our THREE 2nd place winners, all with10% of the vote, are.....

"Doves", by Pals Creations!

Winged Creature House, by Callas Mosaics!

"Pieceful" Ms. Lady Bug, by Broken4Art!

For third place, in the category of "Best Executed Piece", we had ANOTHER tie! Our third place winners are.....

Spring Birds, by Kims Custom Caps!

"Led Zeppelin", by Oak Studios of Design!

Our last category was "Most out of the Box" piece.

Winning first place, with 37% of the vote, our most out-of-the-box winner is...

Winged Creature House, by Callas Mosaics!

Our second place winner, with 16% of the vote is
Winged Lion, by Mandolin Mosaics!

Coming in third, with 14% of the vote,
"Pieceful" Ms. Lady Bug, by Broken4Art!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our first, and very successful, mosaic challenge! Congratulations to EVERYONE who took part & submitted a piece, and of course to our winners!

To purchase any of these mosaics, or to find out more about the artists, just click on the picture of their piece.

.... and one last look at our other beautiful submissions! You can click on any of the photos to purchase the piece or to find out more about the artist.
CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who participated!!!!

"Bridget Angel", by Flowering Moon Designs

"Faerie Dragonfly", by Twin Brooks Mosaics

"Faerie Believe", by Betsy & Jamie, of Greene Girls Studio

"Cardinal", by IBreak4Glass