Welcome to our little World,
where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

The Winners are.......

Summer Challenge

Thank you to ALL who voted in our second PieceMaker Mosaic Challenge! This challenge was a HUGE success. - the submissions were all just amazing, and we had 200 votes come in!

Within our group, we all say this a lot (but frankly, you can't say enough!).. this is an incredible group of artists.... everyone is so supportive of one another, we share, we laugh, we cry, and we laugh some more. Every person in our group is a winner!

But, of course, there can only be one over-all favorite piece in the challenge. And the winner is..... (insert drum roll here)

First Place, Over-all Favorite Piece, with 41 votes
Turtle Blues Mosaic, by Greene Girls Studio

Betsy (Greene Girls Studio) is an inspiration to all of us. Not only is she an amazing mosaic artist, but all the creatures on this (and all of her pieces!) were sculpted by her! - with the exception of some fish, which were created by her highly talented apprentice/9 year old daughter Jamie. :)
We all wait in anticipation to see what Betsy will create next. Please take a close look at this amazing piece.... there are so many treasures to find!
Congratulations Betsy!!!
Betsy, you'll be receiving a $25 gift certificate to Monster Mosaics!

Second Place, with 32 votes
Summer Town, by Callas Mosaics

Third Place, with 31 votes Heading to the Beach, by Mandolin Mosaics

Congratulations to all of our winners!!!!

....and the next challenge is......

Our third PieceMaker Mosaic Challenge will be an in-your-home installation. The interpretation of that is loose... it could be something small like a light switch cover, or something large like a living room wall. The only rule is to have fun, and be done by midnight, June 30th.
Go get gluing!!!


Twin Brooks Mosaics/NippedAndCut Mosaic Art & Jewelry Supply said...

Congrats! It is a well deserved win. Your pieces are all spectacular!

Christine Burgess said...

Congratulations, Bets!! And to Carla and Mandy for 2nd and 3rd place. It was a fun event and it brought attention to our team. Job well done!

oceankisses said...

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Your pieces are fantastic!

shabbygirlmosaics said...

Congratulations girls!!!
To everyone tho, you're all winners!! Everyones efforts were fabulous!!!