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If you're in Brooklyn.....

Betsy Greene, a PieceMaker through and through, is part of an exhibit at The Brooklyn Art Library, also known as the Art House Co-op Gallery, in Brooklyn NY. The exhibit is titled "The Space Between Us". If you're in the area, stop by to check out some amazing art, and to support our wonderful PieceMaker!

Brooklyn Art Library
201 Richards St #16
Brooklyn, NY 11231

"Karma Chameleons", by Greene Goddess
I dream of a world where people don't promise change~ and then only do so when it "fits" them and their motives. They are the " Karma Chameleons" of the World...

"I'm a Man Without Conviction.
I'm a Man Who Doesn't Know
How To Sell A Contradiction...
You Come And Go~
You Come and Go"
(Culture Club)


Edwards Family said...

Your piece is so easy to find on that wall! It really stands out. What a cool exhibit! CONGRATS!

nonna said...

I'm glad you have identified and immortalized these Karma Chameleons, perhaps this will give them pause... wonderful piece, too, by the way!