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Meet PieceMaker Artist, Amanda Edwards

This is the fourth interview in our series, "Meet the PieceMakers". Read on to learn more about PieceMaker member, Amanda Edwards!

How did you come up with your Etsy shop name?

My full name is Amanda Lynn Edwards... "Amanda Lynn". So, Mandolin Mosaics seemed too obvious to ignore.

"The Selfish Giant"

How long have you been creating mosaics? What was your first piece?

I did my first mosaic 6 years ago.... a sink in our children's bathroom. I wanted to do something really unique to it, and thought the kids would love the textures and colors of glass. About halfway through, I was already planning my next mosaic here in the house. By the time I finished the sink, I was a mosaic addict.

What other art do you do?

I have done all kinds of things. Sketching and working on and off with watercolors has been a part of my life for the past 20 years now. But, I've tried all kinds of art venues. I gone to pottery school, I've taken a handful of classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I've done oil painting, sculpture.. you name it, I've tried it. Next on my dream list is to get into one of our local glass blowing studios.

What kind of shows have you been a part of? Have you gotten some kind of cool recognition for any work?

I've been a part of some great local shows around Maine, and Portland Maine's Old Port. It's always fun to be a part of something in Portland... so much good energy & excitement. I've done 2 solo shows in the Old Port as well, and for those I was part of the Friday Night Art Walk. The first Friday of every month is a big celebration of art here in Portland. Galleries all open, most have wine & cheese, and all the artists are there to meet the folks coming in to see their work. It's a lot of fun to be an observer, as well as to be one of the artists. I was also honored to have a piece hang in the Somerville Museum exhibit on Contemporary Mosaics. As for cool recognition, I'm currently a finalist in an art contest that Etsy is holding with NASA. Winners will be announced in mid- February. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!

"Secrets of Carina"

What would be your dream to mosaic?

I've been daydreaming of creating a mural in a public space for a long time... as far back as my teens. For the past few years, my mural daydream was, of course, using a glass medium. Just recently, I found out that someone likes my dream, and have been asked by the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital to create a mural in their atrium. I'm beyond thrilled, honored, and of course emotional because of where it is.

"Flight of the Jellies"

Is being an artist your full-time job? What other jobs consume your time?

Being a Mom is my full-time job. Being an artist is just part of who I am... and if I can make a little money to support my glass addiction along the way, then that's great!

"The Only Living Boy in New York"

Tell us briefly about your family & the area where you live.

I live on the coast of Southern Maine with my husband, 2 small children, old cat, and snuggly dog. I also have a step-son who lives in Texas. I've lived in New England my entire life (with the exception of two years exploring Alaska). The coast of Maine is unbelievably beautiful, and I feel so lucky to be able to experience it every day.

What are some of your favorite things about the PieceMaker Group?

There are so so many wonderful things about the PieceMakers. It's a group of amazing mosaic artists, who just happen to be amazing people too. It's such a supportive place. We all celebrate each others successes, comfort each other when things don't happen the way we wanted them to, laugh about our mosaic catastrophes, share our artistic dreams, inspire each other to try things that we never thought we would try. The PieceMaker team has become a very important part of my daily life & creative process.

Go to mandolinmosaic.com, or to etsy here, to view more of Amanda's work.


waschbear said...

Lovely interesting interview - and fantastic mosaics!

...see, interviewing yourself wasn't so bad! :-)

oceankisses said...

Great interview and I just love love love your mosaics. I wish I had your sense of color combos. Your work is very soothing.

Kimscustomcaps said...

Amanda, loved your interview! I guess if you are wacky then I want to be too! Each and every one of your works is gorgeous and full of wonder!! Congrats!

Monica said...

Lovely, and very inspirational stuff.