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Kaleidoscope Challenge

When you're a kid, Kaleidoscopes are magical... and for many of us, I don't think that feeling ever really disappeared. As always, the interpretation of this theme from artist to artist is so different. I think you'll be wowed & inspired by the entries. Voting is at the bottom of this post. - yes, we're asking you to pick a favorite! The winner of this challenge will receive a gift certificate from Tiny Tiles: a great store selling some of the smallest tiles in the world.

Click on the artist's name to head over to their etsy shop, and see more of their work!

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5
by Waschbear"The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes"

Entry 6
by Beaded Glass

Kaleidoscope Challenge

Please vote for your over-all favorite piece

1. Blue Wave Glass
2. Pal's Creations
3. Ocean Kisses
4. Flowering Moon
5. Waschbear
6. Beaded Glass


callasmosaics said...

My hats off to everyone! Great mosaics! I do wish each of you would have left a comment about your piece.

Jennifer...Love all the pretty cool shades of blues, purples, you used in your mosaic. Is it a stepping stone? The design is very pretty.

Peggy...love your tray! Did you use tempered glass on this? It's a wonderful collage of colors and patterns.

Patti...love your table! Love the design and the tiles and glass you used in this piece.

Joanne...Love your "Dream," mosaic! Very pretty colors. Especially love your burst of color in the middle.

Frances...Lovely mosaic! Clever name! Love the eyes!

Sandy..Beautiful lamp! Beautiful how the colors reflect off the wall!

All the mosaics are wonderful! Each is so special in it's own way! Your all winners in my book! Carla

Liz-Anna said...

Wow! It's always hard to pick just one.

oceankisses said...

Amazing entries! Congratulations everyone!

Melissa Vandenberg said...

Excellent work, Love the lamp! Keep it up.