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Surf Board Bench

The PieceMakers are collaborating on their first public mosaic piece! I (Amanda Edwards) was contacted by a non-profit group that's gathering old surf boards & giving them to artists to decorate. They're then turning them into public benches that will be auctioned off to businesses in Portsmouth NH. The money they raise will go toward keeping the New Hampshire coastline clean.

I received the surfboard about a week ago. Here it is, in all it's used glory!

The theme for the surfboard mosaic will be "In the Ocean"... although we haven't decided on a title for the finished piece yet. In all, 14 PieceMaker members will be sending me sea creatures to add to the board. I'll be creating a background & get the ultra fun job of designing the layout with all the cool creatures coming my way! As I get them, I'll post pictures of them on here.

I received the first amazing batch today, from Tina of Tina's Mosaics!