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Surfboard Update!

The final addition to the PieceMaker Surfboard Project came last week, and I can't believe I'm just now posting it! It's a BEAUTIFUL turtle from Betsy Greene!

The board is coming along. It had to be put on the sidelines for a week or so, but today more of the background appeared. Over the next couple of weeks, a photographer from the Portsmouth Seacoast Project will be coming up to my studio to photograph the board in it's "work in progress" state. Photo's will appear on their blog. When it's up, I'll be sure to post a link!

The addition of a PieceMaker tile (purchased from Mosaic Monkey) also happened today! - and yes... it's right in the middle of the board. - and I think it looks pretty awesome there.

Come back to the blog in a couple of days to vote in the PieceMakers most current mosaic challenge, "Outdoor Mosaics". Voting starts here on October 1st!


Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda! The project is really starting to take shape and with your excellent talents it is going to look real AWESOME! Bets turtle is fantastic! Thanks Amanda for letting all of us participate in this wonderful project!