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Black & White Challenge Winner!

The results are in... and I must say that it was SUCH a close race right from the start! We got in 186 votes... so thank you to EVERYONE (the participants & all the voters) for making this such a successful challenge! After a week of voting, the over-all favorite piece is Gentle Soul, by Mycentir Mosaics!

"Gentle Soul"

Congratulations Mycentir Mosaics! It's a beautiful piece. Everyone should know that this, and many of the other challenge pieces, are FOR SALE! To read more about this piece, click here. To see more about any of the other challenge pieces, or to contact the artists, just click the artist's name under the piece.

Second Place Over-all Favorite piece was Pal's Creations' amazing vase!

Third Place Over-all Favorite piece was the beautiful "Night Vigil" by Renegade Rose!

A BIG Thank You to Tiny Tiles Mosaics, who is donating a gift certificate to the winner of this challenge! If you've never used Tiny Tiles before, please head over and check out their website... they produce the smallest ceramic tiles in the world! There is a VERY cool gallery to look through, which includes work by our very own Betsy Greene (of Greene Girls Studio)!

Again, thank you to everyone who made this, and all of our other challenges, a success! Every participant should be VERY proud of their pieces... they're all beautiful & inspirational.

We'll see you at the next challenge voting, the beginning of February 2012!


Amanda said...

Congrats to the winners! What amazing pieces. :)

callasmosaics..Carla Dake said...

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of this challenge. Special thanks, to Amanda, for all the work she does to put this together! Lastly...Thank you, to everyone who voted and left comments and visited our group! Now...where are those Oscars?

Josh H. said...

I really love Gentle Soul, it really captures the beautiful striping and color of a zebra in the wild but at the same time has such a wonderful style. Nice job and congratulations!