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Eye Eye! It's Challenge Winner Time!

Thank you all for voting in our Eye Mosaic Challenge! What a wonderful group of mosaics that were entered! 

First Place, Over-all Favorite Piece
"Eye Of The Storm", by Sandy Stotz
The story behind this piece is a personal one...this is a piece about dealing with illness. The eye represents the serenity and calmness pre-illness....the storm is represented by the dark glass and is representing the bad days. The sunshine around the piece represents friends and family whose support give light to the bright days as well as provide warmth. The clouds and dark grey are reminders that at any time the storm can strike, but there will always be something good in each day to look forward to. This piece is done on a clear glass plate, and I have used stained glass and glass tiles as well as sanded grout that has been stained and painted.

Thank you to Tiny Tiles Mosaics for sponsoring our challenges! 


Amanda said...

Such a beautiful piece! Congrats to you Sandy.... it seems it moved many people. :) The ability to tell stories through art is a very special gift. xoxox

floweringmoon said...

Congratulations Sandy! Well deserved :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Sandy!!!!! Your piece is absolutely gorgeous and your story behind it's creation very heart touching! Congrats to all of the other beautiful pieces and I am so proud to call all of you my PieceMaker teammates!