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Artist of the Week: Pals Creations

What's your real name? How did you come up with your shop name?

My real name is Peggy Ann Lindstrom. I came up with my shop name using my initials PAL. We raised miniature horses in the 80’s and our ranch name was PAL’s Miniature Horse Ranch. I liked the Pals part and then wanted to incorporate an all inclusive name that would include other forms of art that I enjoy too, like painting with watercolors. So Pals creations felt good.

What inspired you do create your first mosaic?

What inspired me to create my first mosaic was actually when I was watching a Christopher Lowell’s show of an artist doing mosaic work on a dining room chair. I thought that was so cool! I bought some old china at a thrift shop and made my first flower pot, which was almost nine years ago. I have yet to mosaic a dining room chair— well, maybe someday.

Has mosaic art lead you to any other art forms/been a lead to any other passions?

One other art form that mosaics have led me too is working with polymer clay. I wanted to embellish my mosaics with hearts and flowers, so I’ve made them out of polymer clay. Some of my mosaic projects have led me to striping and antiquing furniture.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration usually comes from the piece I’m going to mosaic or the china I want to use or a particular color scheme. I really enjoyed working on my first Piecemakers challenge “Winged Creature”. I wouldn’t have chosen the piece that I made had it not been for the challenge. It was fun actually finding the piece and choosing the perfect bone china for the mosaic.

Do you have any mosaic daydreams?...... is there one thing that you dream of being able to create someday?

Someday I would like to create an accent table with beautiful antique lusterware china; hunting for the china will be the real opportunity. Another art form I would like to try is fussed glass.

Is being an artist your full-time job? What other jobs or hobbies consume your time?

Yes being an artist is my full time passion right now along with playing with my grandchildren.

I have always been busy creating, working with my hands from painting in oils to watercolors, teaching hobby ceramics in my garage, and now creating mosaics with broken china and stained glass.

I have also enjoyed faux painting and interior decorating (I like changing things around my home for a new look). My poor husband just gets used to the way things are and I change it on him, he is a good sport.

Tell us ,briefly, about your family.

My husband and I have been married for 26 years, the second time for each of us. I have a son and daughter and my husband has a daughter. We combined our family when our kids were 8, 10, & 13. It was a new beginning and a rewarding experience for all of us. Forgiveness played and important role in our happiness as a family we are still today best friends with our ex-partners and the blessing have been many.

The absolute joys in our lives are our 4 grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls. We just adore watching these little ones grow and express themselves and all we have to do is “Love Em”!

Do you have one or two creations that have been favorites?

My favorite mosaic piece right now is my oriental vase; it is made out of broken china tea pots.

To see more of Peggy's work, visit her Etsy shop, by clicking the shop name below!
Pals Creations
....or by clicking on any of her pieces above. :)


Edwards Family said...

Wow! Such a great interview! You're a fantastic artist... and it's so cool to get to know you better! I'm so happy that you're part of our team. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Aboard! This is a beautiful interview, and you are a creative person with your very own style!
So happy to have you join our PieceMaker Family!

Phoenyx said...

Wow, this is a great interview! Congratulations to getting the honor of 'artist of the week.' Its really good to see your art recognized like this.

For the rest of the readers, I am Peg's stepdaughter. She's been one of my inspirations with her art over the last 26 years or so.

And she's been really good for my father, even if she does have him rearrange the furniture all the time. ;-)

CallasMosaics said...

Peggy....Thank you, for sharing a bit about yourself and your family. Your a very creative and talented person. I enjoy.. all you bring to the group! Carla