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Meet Artist of the Week- Rock Candy Mosaics

What's your real name? How did you come up with your shop name?

My real name is Jennifer Pass. My shop name was inspired by a great little shop I went to in Seattle called Burnt Sugar. I absolutely love that name so instead of stealing it I came up with a name (with the help of a marketing friend) that was still about sugar and was perfect for mosaics.

What inspired you to create your first mosaic?

I was inspired when I got into the antique business. I had a friend I reconnected with who was very into antiques and so was I. She was making these very cool mosaics in a similar manner to mine. I was making snakes out of clay and decided to mosaic them when I saw what she was doing. So she cut some glass for me and I made my first mosaic snake. I called it my Mondrian snake using red, yellow, blue and black. I made many mosaic snakes but soon tired of having to work on a small curved surface. So I graduated to birdbaths and then to mirrors and plaques.

Has mosaic art lead you to any other art forms or passions?

Mosaic art is just one of the art forms I'm involved with, though I feel like it help to guide me back to one of my absolute true loves and that is ceramics. I started to make letters and tiles to incorporate into my pieces and now I'm throwing pots again! I love it!

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from every part of my life. There isn't a day where I'm not thinking about ideas. Everything inspires me, I just look out my bedroom window at the trees and the angles of my chimney and roof and I have a new idea. It never stops....and I love that process. I also sometimes am just inspired by an antique funky figurine! The idea comes from the figurine itself.

Do you have any mosaic daydreams?...... is there one thing that you dream of being able to create someday?

I dream of being able to work on a large outdoor mosaic in a public area. I would love to work with children and adults on a community project.

Is being an artist your full-time job?
What other jobs or hobbies consume your time?

I work part time for my husband at his office supply business. It is not a very creative environment. I bring things to work on when I'm there in case it is quiet. Each week is different I typically get 2-3 days in my studio a week. I work out and head straight to my studio. I use every spare moment I have in my life to create it is my absolute passion! I throw pots, create with clay and hook rugs. I would say hooking rugs is my hobby. There just is not enough time in the day to do all the arts I would like to! Glass fusing and bead-making are the next craft I want to learn.

Tell us ,briefly, about your family.

I am married to a man who treats me sooooo nice and really loves me! We were born two days apart in the same hospital, so we were in the nursery together. He is older! We have two wonderful children my son is 17 and my daughter is 14! I am very proud of them! We have two dogs Annie and Garcia and a cute little house that needs cleaning! We laugh a lot! I am very close to my mother and my studio is at her house. I have two older brothers one lives in St. Paul MN and the other right here in St. Louis MO.

Do you have one or two creations that have been favorites?

I have many favorites. I think my favorite is always the piece I am currently working on. Yet I have a few that I really like.

To see more of Rock Candy Mosaics, check out Jennifer's
Etsy shop by clicking the link below!

Rock Candy Mosaics


mosaics4ever said...

Great article! I love your work and that chair you're sitting on is awesome!

Journi said...

Rock! It's so great to be able to learn about you and your beautiful artwork! Keep following your heart and the inspiration will just flow!
I'm so happy to call you friend! ~Journi

camidog said...

Fantastic interview. I am so proud to call you my friend. Beautiful work! Keep on rockin' Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

You look like the Mosaic Queen sitting on her throne! I LOVE it!
You are a crazy person and an inspiration to us all.
Glad to call you friend, CowGirl!

Twin Brooks Mosaics said...

Great article! It was great to learn more about you! I love your mosaics. You have such a unique style.

palscreations said...

Nice to get to know you, your work has such a playful and "creative" nature to it. Just love it!

Edwards Family said...

What a great article about you! You KNOW you're one of my favorite artists... you are an inspiration to me. :) Love all of your work!

CallasMosaics said...

Rock...your art work is like looking at all the candy...in a candy store! You put so much into each piece you create! So unique and fun! Carla