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Piece Makers 2nd Mosaic Challenge

The second Piece Maker mosaic challenge is underway, and we're all hoping that this one is as successful as the first one! Our theme this time around is "Summer". So, if you haven't already started your mosaic, start thinking "summer", and get out your glass nippers!

Mosaic Challenge Rules

Due Date for Work in Progress (WIP) pictures and your finished piece is April 30th. Submit pictures to Mandolin by midnight April 30th.

You can not submit a piece that you started prior to the challenge being announced.... all entries must have been made specifically for this challenge.

If you complete your piece earlier than the 30th, you can submit pictures to Mandolin earlier.

No size limitations.

On April 30th, you may post your challenge pictures wherever you want.... to promote your work, the PieceMakers team, and the challenge.

Voting for the winner of the challenge will start here on the blog on May 1st, so be sure to come by and vote!