Welcome to our little World,
where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!

If you're in Brooklyn.....

Betsy Greene, a PieceMaker through and through, is part of an exhibit at The Brooklyn Art Library, also known as the Art House Co-op Gallery, in Brooklyn NY. The exhibit is titled "The Space Between Us". If you're in the area, stop by to check out some amazing art, and to support our wonderful PieceMaker!

Brooklyn Art Library
201 Richards St #16
Brooklyn, NY 11231

"Karma Chameleons", by Greene Goddess
I dream of a world where people don't promise change~ and then only do so when it "fits" them and their motives. They are the " Karma Chameleons" of the World...

"I'm a Man Without Conviction.
I'm a Man Who Doesn't Know
How To Sell A Contradiction...
You Come And Go~
You Come and Go"
(Culture Club)

Work Work Work

A PieceMakers hands are always busy! Some new wonderful works from our talented members!

.....and just a little over 2 weeks until the voting begins on our current challenge, Heavenly Spring! Come back on the 1st of May to see the entries. :)

Shabby Chic Cabbage Roses Mosaic Mirror, by Kim's Custom Caps

Sun Jewels Garden Mirror, by OceanKisses

Movement of a Maine Tide, by Amanda Edwards

Consuming Fire, by KevanGirl

Red and Blue Mosaic Pendant, by Twin Brooks

Time is ticking....

The deadline for our next challenge, Heavenly Spring, is coming! Just a reminder that your final photos are due to Amanda Edwards no later than midnight, April 30th. Voting will start here on the blog on the 1st of May.

The PieceMakers are always busy working on pieces... here are a some new works from just a few of our talented members. :) Click on the artist's name to head over to their etsy shop.

Happy Creating!

Sleeping Cherub Statue, by Pal's Creations

Beetle Lightswitch Plate, by Amanda Edwards

Mosaic Flower Pot, by Callas Mosaics

Sun Jewels Mirror, by Ocean Kisses