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Heavenly Spring Challenge... VOTE VOTE VOTE!

It's that time once again..... time to vote on your over-all favorite piece in yet another PieceMaker Mosaic Challenge. :) - and it's going to be as hard as ever to choose just one! Our theme for this challenge was Heavenly Spring......

1. Welcome Sign, by Twin Brooks

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2. Blooming Spring Tree, by Amanda Edwards (Mandolin Mosaics)
This piece was made to celebrate the coming of Spring. The tree branch was built by myself using clay, then attached to the mosaic, and covered in glass to become part of the piece. I hand painted the vintage frame, and the bird sitting on the tree branch is a delicate porcelain piece. Stained glass, tile, clay, millifiori. Measures 19" x 28".

3. Circle of Love, by Kim's Custom Caps
In this little piece, I used lots of bright colors and retro flowered patterns. I wanted it to be cheerful and positive, just like Springtime makes me feel!

4. "Flowerful Springs and Flying Things" Mosaic Table, by PS Mosaics

5. Spring Flowers, by Pals Creations

6. Only God Can Make a Tree, by GreeneGoddess

A tribute to my mom's favorite poem...

Please Vote for your over-all favorite piece. There will be only one vote per computer. Come back on Saturday, May 8th to see the results of the vote! Good luck to everyone who entered a piece. They're all wonderful!


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous with much attention to detail. BEAUTIFUL! Kaki

Marie said...

They are all beautiful!! Good luck to you all. :)