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Meet PieceMaker Artist, Libby Kennedy

The 2nd in our series of Interviews we're calling, "Meet the PieceMakers". Libby is a wonderful artist & an inspiring member of our team.

What's your real name? How did you come up with your shop name?

My name is Libby Kennedy. Since I try to create all of my mosaics using recycled items I thought a lotus flower would be a good representative of sorts. The lotus grows from the mud and muck at the bottom ponds and blooms with new life out of that darkness. I get many of my substrates from alleys around my neighborhood and thrift stores. Items people essentially see as garbage, I see as potential to turn into something beautiful.

How long have you been creating mosaics? What was your first piece?

My first mosaic was approximately four years ago, maybe five. We have a pass through window in our kitchen and I wanted to tile that. Not sure if that would be considered mosaic but it led me to use stained glass and mosaic a large mirror that had been in our bedroom. It still hangs in our living room and I love it.

Do you participate in shows? ... or sell your work locally?

All of the shows, save one have been at churches. The first one I did I was so incredibly nervous. I still get jittery but it’s gotten easier as each one comes and goes. In the church I have attended since I was a kid one of my hurricane lamps sits in the sacristy and that’s pretty cool for me to see every week. I am also involved in a small art show around Valentine’s Day with a handful of other artists that I love attending. There is also a local nursery here that has quite a few of my items for sale. It’s neat to go there and see my work hanging around.

What would be your dream to mosaic?

A dream mosaic for me would be a huge window just filled with color. I have made a few small frames with mosaics on the glass itself as opposed to the outside of the frame and some of them I just can’t give up or sell. Seeing the light come through just makes me extremely happy. I would love to be able to pass that feeling on to another.

Is being an artist your full-time job?

I wish being an artist was my full-time job, but perhaps in a few years. I have worked as a medical transcriptionist from home for almost 10 years now. Time flies. I would love to be able to have my own studio and be able to spend the day there. It’s sometimes so hard to stay focused on my ‘real job’ when some cool idea pops into my head. I get so excited when I start working on a new project.

Tell us ,briefly, about your family or your daily life or about the area where you live.

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my two daughters and husband. I pretty much grew up in Tucson and we live in the same neighborhood I spent my days running amok. I do all of my work out in the garage and am almost always joined by our malamute Aspen and kitty Suki. They’re so cute, I love it! Time is certainly limited in the summer as it gets so darned hot here. Perhaps when we hit it big we can put some sort of cooler out there.

I’m so glad I came across the PieceMaker mosaic team. What a fun bunch of kids they are. Such humor and support comes from this team it’s amazing. It seems like I’ve been a part of the team forever but I know it’s only been a short time.

Please visit Libby's Etsy shop by clicking here. :)


Edwards Family said...

Beautiful work & really nice interview! :)


Liz-Anna said...

You do such beautiful work, Libby! I really enjoyed reading more about you.

Kimscustomcaps said...

Great interview! Libby, you are super talented, I love your work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Libby! We are happy you have become part of the PieceMakers Family:)

floweringmoon said...

Gorgeous work. I love the last three pieces in the article!

Feet-r-smelli said...

FLIP!! So proud of you and your beautiful work!!

Fliperstein said...

Aw, smelly feet. So nice!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Libby's mosaics are so beautiful! The one above the stove is so amazing!!! ~Val

Ashley said...

Hi...do you take tile donations? I am cleaning out an Interior Design Sample room and would have plenty to donate! Please email ashleynicole005@gmail.com if you are interested!