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Meet PieceMaker Artist, Rayna Clark

We will be highlighting different PieceMaker Artists every week or so. These interviews will prove to be inspiring, some may be funny, some may be down right crazy. :) One thing is for sure... they'll all be a great read. Enjoy this first, of many, PieceMaker interviews to come.

Rayna Clark

My name is Rayna Clark, and I have my etsy shop name Rayna Clark Mosaics because that is pretty much what it is. It is me and my glass nippers creating away whatever strikes my fancy.

I have been creating mosaics and other arts for 12 years now, and I remember making my first piece like it was yesterday. It was a tea cup, and I still have it framed in my studio.

Other than making mosaics, I also enjoy making jewelry, and lotions and bath products.

I have attended many local shows and have started applying my work to the internet where I have met some great people and been introduced to some brilliant artists.

My dream ideal mosaics are the ones that can touch a persons emotions. I get a lot of joy from making pieces that mean something.

Being an artist takes up all of my time, and I have been doing it full time for 2 1/2 years, but have been doing mosaics again for 12 years. I just finally made the leap to give up my day job and stay focused on my art since 2008.

I live in Indiana right now, and it is quite the little artists heaven. Showing your work here and being recognized here is a great reward to me.

I have just recently joined the piecemakers group, and am very happy to be a part of such a great little tight nit community. I enjoy working with all of the artists and staying up to date with all that they are doing in their shops as well.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me and my etsy shop her at piecemakers.

Please visit Rayna's Etsy shop by finding her name under the list of members to the right of this page.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you as part of the PieceMakers Family, Rayna:) Your mosaics are beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Liz-Anna said...

I'm enjoying getting to know you, Rayna! You do beautiful work, too!! I love hearing about artists who pursue their art full time. Keeps the rest of us dreaming of the day!

Edwards Family said...

Great to learn more about you Rayna! :)

Rayna Clark said...

I am so happy for these comments. I have been so busy lately. I am building my upcoming book, and I am telling you what.....when you work around the clock to work with people around the globe, it really runs a person thin. I will be so happy when I can be a better active member to the piecemakers bunch. I have been away busy for some time now, and I can not wait to be back. It will be soon all, I promise. Happy Spring days to all. Rayna Clark artist/writer www.rayna-clark-mosaics.com