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where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Artwork!
We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas. This is a peaceful and happy place, and you are welcome to join in!


In 3 months, we will be shipping off our finished doves for the Florence House public art project.  So far, 15 PieceMakers have signed up to mosaic a dove that will be combined into one large public art piece that will reside at the Florence House.

Go here for more information about the Florence House:

I've decided to line the border of my dove with pearls.  My inspiration is that the pearl is started with a grain of sand.  These women at the Florence House have had to go through a lot of heartache and disappointment, but in this case the pain is like the grain of sand which will become a beautiful pearl...a precious object, desired and beloved.
I don't know if I'll do my dove white, but the pearls around the border will be white.


No pictures yet but I have several keys that I would like to start with, old ones that I want to use.  I am thinking bright colors....yellows and golds with maybe red in the center.
I was listening to Phillip Phillip's song "Home" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfRya-P4ffk) which I love and thought of this...."Everyone's path in life is different.  Sometimes we take a detour...but then we find HOME."  So maybe some type of swirleys or ball chain tht run off and on the dove that lead to the key.

My inspiration was based on the purpose of Florence House - Unlocking New Doors Of Hope - my dove will sport a door, that will hopefully open, and a key hanging from the Dove's beak.

WIP Pics of the unfinished door, cut and attached to dove. It is very rough looking yet but now I can start embellishing it! And the door actually opens!

MMy granddaughter(aged 9),and I are doing the dove together. We chose butterflies,partly because they have to go through change and hardships,to become their beautiful selves,and partly because they are all so different,yet their beauty is the same. they exemplify the inherent worth in all human beings!


I sketched out my design for my dove. After watching the video once again, I decided to incorporate a heart into my design. Not only for the heartwarming generosity and love that everyone has shown for this group of women, but to signify their love of a new beginning.


The inspiration for my dove is a rainbow. The women of Florence House have been through periods of darkness and storms of one kind or another in their lives, and it's after the storm that a rainbow appears. The rainbow signifies a new beginning, a happier time for them.


I am looking forward to adding more stories so keep your inspiration in mind to share and send me those WIPs!

Patti Cadwallader


Amanda said...

So cool to read the inspiration behind some of the pieces... can't wait to see them!