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These are the "work in progress" photos and comments for the Florence House public art project.  There are 17 PieceMakers involved in this project.

My inspiration was based on the purpose of Florence House - Unlocking New Doors Of Hope - my dove will sport a door, that will hopefully open, and a key hanging from the Dove's beak.

Lori Frank

I have been busy having fun with my family,visiting from Ca.,but I have squeezed out time to put the last of the glass on my dove. I will grout early next week.
I have tiny butterflies growing from the vines,like leaves. To me,they are the women of Florence House,growing,and becoming more beautiful every day.


I am not very eloquent when trying to describe the meaning behind the design I just thought linked hearts were appropriate for what these women have gone through. They make friends in their own 'circle' and they each have a lot of love to give and receive.



I knew right from the beginning I wanted to use a clear glass iridescent heart for my dove. I've had it for years, and its obviously been waiting for just this project. And I knew the dove would be white, because, well... white dove. It just... needs to be white.

The heart is surrounded by rays of light formed with all kinds of different materials, and together - the dove, the heart and the light - it symbolises Love, Life, Hope, Happiness, Warmth etc...

I love the very idea of mosaics in this context. There's a saying in German "Der Krug geht zum Brunnen bis er bricht" (the jug goes to the well until it breaks), which means that everyone has their breaking point, and that once something is shattered it often cannot be mended. But Mosaics show that with the right materials, you can take the broken pieces and turn them into something beautiful and strong! And what's more somehing that is even more beautiful and even stronger than it was before!

I hope that the Women in the Florence house (and elsewhere) will find the right materials to form their many hard experiences into a mosaic of strength and beauty. That's what my dove is about.


The grout will be light sky blue (starting at the tail) and fading into black by the time you get to the head. I wanted the body & wings of the bird to be reminiscent of the sky... To me, the sky represents freedom, soaring, life, being part of something bigger, and empowerment. It's what I think of when I think of the women at Florence House. The white pieces in the body & the lower wing are going to evolve into clouds before the piece is finished.


I decided to make a natural looking dove, covered in mother of pearl, because I wanted to make a strong and simple dove. Mother of pearl is one of the most beautiful natural materials I know, it shines and changes color, and is extremely tough. I find this a symbolic material to use on a mosaic for the Florence House.
This dove is to symbolize the introverts among us, and the ones who sometimes in their busy lives want to rest their eyes on something quiet.

note:  Inez lives in the Netherlands and created a dove from scratch because of the high postage rates between here and there.  Look at the fantastic job she did!

Joanne Paquin

Tina Shoys

    I chose to do an ocean theme. I think that the ocean is like the world and all of us are like being part of it. We could be an animal in the water, a sea shell, or part of the sand. But the water is the one thing that has affected all of us. It weathers on some and gently laps at the feet of others, depending on what part of life or the "ocean" you're going through. To me it's like the things we go through in life.
For these women I wanted to create not only a beautiful piece of art that they could enjoy but some thing that they could identify with themselves. There's so many different things you can take from this piece and that's what I love about it. You choose your story. Or find some thing in the piece that you identify with.
The sun could be for some rising and setting for others. It could be the end of the day or the start of a new one. The sun is also a symbol of hope and warmth. It can cheer you up just by looking at the window and seeing it.
There are two doves in the background because alot of times you may really think you're alone while you're going through something, but in truth there's really someone else that you can lean on that does care. Or it could be the opposite, maybe you need to help some one that is looking for help.
There will be many different types of rocks and sea shells, symbolic to us as humans. There are many different types of people and they all go through many different things in life. The ocean water smoothes over the shells and rocks creating different textures and different types of shells and rocks. To me the same would be true with people. We all go through different things in life and are affected different ways.



I will be trimming this dove with pearls.  The pearls will be symbolizing how something beautiful and unique  can be made of something that was once just a grain of common sand...an irritation to its host.

Patti Cadwallader

My inspiration for this dove is to demonstrate with the large heart to love yourself and know your true worth, for in loving yourself you allow that love to radiate out to everyone. Know that you a Special, Strong, Safe, and Secure now and let your love Shine.

Peggy Lindstrom

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